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SpamSieve slow to filter; lots showing up in Archive

I’m using SpamSieve with the Apple Mail client and am currently in the 30-day trial period. I have two e-mail providers: gmail and charter.net.

While it seemed to work fine in the first couple of days, it is now taking a very long time to categorize mail. It now seems that I have to choose a message and train it as Good or Spam; if I leave it alone it doesn’t seem to categorize at all.

Also, if it matters, I see there is now an Archive folder that is now getting messages as well: more and more of them, from different places, even things I’ve sent out, not just incoming messages. I’m relatively new to Macs, so maybe the fix is obvious, but I could use some help here too. Many thanks

It seems like you are saying two contradictory things here: that it works automatically but is slow and that it doesn’t work automatically. Could you explain further? It would also help if you could send in a diagnostic report.

Is this happening for the Gmail account or for both? Do you have any Gmail server filters?

Having a Mail rule (such as the SpamSieve one) that moves messages to a local mailbox can cause messages to go into the Gmail archive. This page explains how to adjust the settings to avoid that. However, I’m not sure that’s what’s happening here because you say that the problem isn’t limited to incoming messages (which are the only ones processed by Mail rules).

Hello Michael,

Thanks for writing. I’ve sent in the diagnostic report.

Sorry about my ambiguity. To clarify: if I do nothing, the mail comes in with various colors, mostly blue and gray. After that, they sit there: they never seem to make it to the Spam folder. Only if I take actions after they come in like training something as good or spam do any messages move into the Spam folder.

There was a Gmail server filter which said, if I recall correctly, never move the message to Spam. I have just now deleted it. I also just now applied the changes in your link, section 4.6.14.

It sounds like you are running to a macOS 10.15 bug that affects some users, where Mail rules fail to move messages when they first arrive. Probably if you select the messages and choose Message > Apply Rules, it will then move the colored ones to the Spam mailbox. There are two other potential workarounds described in #5 on this page.

OK, please let me know whether that fixes the Archive problem.