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SpamSieve Stalling/Freezing Postbox

Hi! I’ve been happily using SpamSieve with Postbox for quite some time. Just in the past 24 to 36 hours Postbox has been freezing/stalling (getting the spinning pinwheel). Causing Postbox to “not respond.”

Shutting down SpamSieve has stopped that behavior.

Any suggestions? I’m using SpamSieve 2.9.6 and Postbox 3.0.7

It sounds like you’re running into a bug in Mac OS X 10.8.2. SpamSieve 2.9.6 includes a workaround for it. Make sure you’re installed the latest version of the Postbox plug-in (1.0.5).

Thank you!

I’m sorry I misunderstood the posts other people had done on the similar topic. I need to pay attention to the plug-in vs. the copy of SpamSieve I’ve been using for Mail.

Thank you so much for your swift reply!

Paul / IdeaSandbox