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Spamsieve starting "new" every time I launch Apple Mail

I just moved to a new computer. I installed Spamsieve according to the directions, I think correctly. I installed the application under the admin account and registered it. I then switched to my user account and launched Spansieve and installed the Apple Mail.app bundle. Now every time Mail starts up I get the “welcome to Spamsieve” and the help file. Please help.

Did you do the initial training? SpamSieve shows the Welcome window and help if its corpus does not contain at least one good message and one spam message.

Dear Michael

I thought I followed the training. I selected several messages that are good. Fortunately for me, or unfortunately for Spamsieve, I don’t have any “spam” messages.

The instructions said to train it with 65% spam messages. So, technically, if you don’t have any spams that means you can’t do the initial training.

However, I think the situation will correct itself automatically as you start to receive some spam.

Is there a way of copying my old corpus from my old machine and importing it?

Please see this page.