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SpamSieve Stopped Processing New Mail in MailMate

Have been using MailMate Version 1.13.2 (5673) & Big Sur 11.1 on my MacBook Pro (156-inch, 2018) with SpamSieve, which worked wonderfully. However late yesterday SpamSieve (version 2.9.42) stopped processing new mail. Junk mail pours into my inbox and none of the new mail has a spam score.

I’ve made sure SpamSieve is checked in MM Security & that it has whole disk access. Have tried turning everything off & on repeatedly, but doesn’t help.

Any ideas about how I might fix this?

Thanks as always for your help.


Is there a MailMate log that you can check to see whether it’s reporting any errors? Or you could try searching for it in the Console app.

SpamSieve does not need Full Disk Access when used with MailMate, but you do need to give MailMate Automation access to control SpamSieve.