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SpamSieve stopped working it just hangs

Noticed lately that spamSieve was taking longer and longer to list an email as spam and today its been five minutes of spinning wheel is just hangs. have reinstalled it with no change this is a major issue for me as I get so much spam.

running latest version of yosemite

Please explain what you mean by “list”? Are you referring to automatic filtering of incoming message? Or when you train a message as spam?

Also, any time there is a hang, please send in a sample report.

New email that I don’t want - select train as spam - and just spinning wheel - have to force quit

Like I said, if you send in a sample report I can look at exactly what is happening here. It sounds like you’re running into a performance bug in Mail, which you can work around as described on this page.

I never received the sample report from weskit, so I’m assuming that the workaround helped.