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Spamsieve stopped working today

Current iMac, OS10.5.2, Spamsieve 2.6.6, Entourage 2004

Cannot open corpus, statistics, About Spamsieve, or preferences. Log opens in Console - shows “failed to load window” for all my attempts to open various Spamsieve functions.

Over the past month, minor amounts of spam have been getting through. Now, nothing works.

Any ideas? TIA.

It sounds like your SpamSieve application file is damaged. Please try replacing it with a freshly downloaded copy.

Just downloaded and opened fresh copy. Behavior unchanged; symptoms identical as described above.

Been running Spamsieve for so long, I’d stopped paying attention to it. All was seamless until recently.

Any known conflicts with Disk Warrior? That’s the only new SW I’ve used recently.

Did you open it by double-clicking the new one in the Finder? (Sometimes people end up with two copies of an app, and it’s not always clear which one is being launched unless you do it yourself.)

No. And though I’ve seen “failed to load window” errors many times, they were always resolved by installing a fresh copy of the app.

Yes, I did open it as you suggested. Just went back now and opened it again; this time it worked normally. I’m seeing the corpus, etc. Hopefully, that will resolve the problem; I’ll let you know if it doesn’t.

Thank you for the excellent service…and the excellent product!