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SpamSieve Stopped Working

I have been using SpamSieve for about 2 years and love it.

However on the 17/12/17 it completed stopped filtering. I can still train spam however when I review the Logs I can see the last spam removal or predicted email (good or bad was on the 17). I was actually away on holidays when it stopped working (computer left running) so nothing changed in my local setup.

The last change was on the 15th when I installed OS 10.13.2. However still seemed to work on the 16th and then nothing.

Any help would be great as inbox filling with crap now SpamSieve is not working.


I have been using for over 2 years with great results. However on the 17/12/17 SpamSieve stopped filtering mail. I have reviewed the logs and can see that the 17th was the last time SpamSieve predicted a good/bad email.

I can still train it and I see these in the log but the filter has stopped.

I was on holidays from the 16th for a few weeks so no changes to my system setup. The last change was on the 15th when I upgraded to High Sierra however SpamSieve was still working after this for 48 hrs.

Any advice or help would be appreciated as Inbox is now full of crap.


This probably means that it was turned off in your mail program. Please see this page for how you can check the setup.

Thanks for that. Yes I found that the script had been disabled.

Much appreciate the quick response.