SpamSieve stopped working

All of a sudden spamsieve stopped working. Stopped filtering, everything. Script editor icon is gone in menu. I use Outlook for Mac. Using version 2.9.52

To re-enable the script menu, in the Finder, choose Utilities from the Go menu and open the Script Editor app. Open its Settings window. Click on the General tab, and make sure that Show Script menu in menu bar is checked.

As to why the filtering has stopped, please make sure that the Outlook Filter Mailboxes app is running in your Dock (as shown in Step 5).

Thank you. Just don’t know why I had to rre-enable the script menu and re-install Outlook Filter Mailboxes

I don’t know either. Once set, the settings should stay. Maybe something got messed up with the recent macOS update. Glad you got it working again.