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SpamSieve suddenly reports on draft messages


I migrated my account to a new MacBook Pro laptop yesterday by migrating the setting of all relevant applications in the ~/Library/Application Support, ~/Library/Preferences, and ~/Library/Containers folders to the new machine.

Since then, SpamSieve has been behaving differently on the new machine - whenever I compose an email I get regular growl notifications regarding the draft email I am writing. Since my drafts are stored on the server, the respective email gets “spamsieved” whenever it changes. I can confirm this from the log files.

I can find the same behavior in the log files of the old machine, however, they would not trigger growl notifications.

The settings on both machines (Apple Mail 7.1 on OS 10.9.1, SpamSieve 2.9.12) are identical, so are the software configurations of the two.

Any idea what I may be overlooking?


Apple Mail only applies the rules (such as SpamSieve) to new messages in the inbox. The drafts should be the Drafts mailbox. I’ve never seen a case where drafts get processed through SpamSieve. Are there any other computers or devices accessing this mail account?

Yes, indeed, there is an iPhone and an iPad accessing the same mail account. Although they were not active at the time. I just checked again the SpamSieve logs in ~/Library/Logs - SpamSieve definitely constantly gets invoked through the Mail rules whilst composing messages. About every 30 seconds.

It sounds like maybe there is a message stuck in your inbox (with the same subject as your draft) that Mail keeps re-downloading and passing to SpamSieve. I suggest logging in via Webmail and removing any messages from the inbox.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the problem - there are no zombies in the inbox, the rules are definitely applied to messages in the draft folder (I used with some very unique subject lines). I am wondering whether it has anything to do with the way Apple implements IMAP? Can you think of any way to debug this further?

I suppose it’s always possible that there’s a bug. However, I have never heard any other reports that Mail auto-applied rules to any messages except those in the inbox.

Please check the folders:


Which .mailbundle files do you see?

Also, please e-mail me your rules files.

I only have two .mailbundles: SpamSieve.mailbundle (in my user library) and GPGMail.bundle (in the system library).

Rules files are on their way…

Thanks. The rules look fine. I suggest that you temporarily uninstall the GPGMail plug-in (by dragging it to your desktop and restarting Mail) to see whether that has any effect on this problem.

That’s it - the problem disappears and reappears after re-enabling GPGMail. I will follow this up with the GPGMail team.

For now, thanks a lot indeed for the excellent support!