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SpamSieve: The Worst Application in History. How Do I Get My Money Back?

Please pardon a frustrated outburst, but I am sick and tired of having no tool that can discriminate between two categories of unwanted email:

• Junk mail, a category into which Apple Mail places everything it does not recognize as OK; and

• Emails from criminals who are either phishing for personal details, or trying to introduce malware into my system.

I thought SpamSieve would be able to handle this simple task. It cannot. It is, apparently, every bit as stupid as Apple Mail, and that is saying something. In an earlier incarnation, I would have asked for advice from the community of SpamSieve users. Now I just want my money back. Of course, there is no “Contact Us” link (see the attachment which shows the “Search Entire Site” results for the search term “Contact Us.”) If anybody has any ideas about how to get a refund, I’d love to hear them.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 8.47.32 AM.png

SpamSieve is not designed to separate the different kinds of spam. It puts all the spam (and phishing and virus e-mails) together in the same Spam mailbox. Nowhere does it claim to be able to put different kinds of spam in different mailboxes.

It’s not clear to me from the above exactly what problem you are reporting. Could you give a one-sentence clinical description of what is happening that is different from what you wanted to happen? For example, “Spam messages are going to my inbox, but I want them to go to the Spam mailbox,” except it sounds like that’s not the issue here.

A couple weeks ago, it sounded like you were having some confusion with the Junk mailbox. Perhaps a server spam filter was interfering with your Mail filtering. I asked you for clarification but never heard back.

You can just send me an e-mail. The support page is linked to from the main SpamSieve page as well as the Help menu in the app. It was also mentioned in your order confirmation e-mail and shows up at the top of the list if you search for “Contact”.

I did not receive a reply, so I looked up your order and refunded it.