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SpamSieve - Too much spam folders

I have owned SpamSieve for some time now. I must say that the program does not work reliably as I would like it to.

Given is Apple Mail with five accounts. Any spam will end up in the folder “Is advertising” and there in the subfolder of the respective account (see image). So the spam folder doesn’t distract me. When you quit Apple Mail, all spam is deleted. I use macOS in german.


It would be nice if it worked that way. In fact, however, a folder called Spam or Junk is always created in the respective subfolders of the respective account. And this is not deleted on exit. With my provider, each account is set so that spam is always moved to the “Is advertising” folder.

So where do these folders called “Spam” and “Junk” come from and how can I turn them off?

SpamSieve only makes sense to me if it hides distracting spam. Spam must not become a self-occupation. The detection rate is 100%. I’m using iOS devices too.

Can anyone help?

Many greetings

It is not clear to me what you want SpamSieve to do that it is not doing.

It sounds like you are saying that you have SpamSieve set to move the messages to the special Junk mailbox (“Ist Webung”) in Apple Mail and that this is working.

But then you have extra Spam/Junk mailboxes in each account that are not under “Ist Webung.” Is that correct? If so, those are being created by your mail provider’s junk filter. It sounds like Apple Mail is not properly configured to put those mailboxes inside of “Ist Webung.” This is not related to SpamSieve. You can fix this with the “Mailbox Behaviors” preferences in Mail.

Dear Michael Tsai,

It could be so. But I think I have “Mailbox Behaviors” configured well. I used Apple Support. As you can see all is configured well.

Edit: But maybe I’ve found the mistake: Some accounts like iCloud storing “Ist Werbung” local, other storing it on the server. It is a little miracle.

I’m asked, because I thought SpamSieve is influenced in this.

OK, please let me know if that helps.

SpamSieve does not influence it. SpamSieve just moves the messages where you tell it to; this can either be the same mailbox used by other filters or a different one.

Dear Michael Tasai,

indeed SpamSieve is not affected. The problem was my provider’s default settings. There is a standard called XLIST. I disabled it and set Apple Mail’s shared spam folder to the localized name “Is Advertising” (Ist Werbung" in German). The effect is that there is no separate spam folder in each account; each spam message is now in a central spam folder.

Why did I do that? Each provider, each device has its own name for spam folders. Unfortunately, this type of mail is not standardized by the developers. In the end, there are up to three individual spam folders in each account. This gives spam the attention it doesn’t deserve.

Best regards