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"SpamSieve - Train as Good" Didn't (Apparently) Do Anything

[MacBookPro11,3; OS 10.9.2; Mail Version 7.2 (1874); SpamSieve 2.9.13]

Very rare occurrence today of an e-mail being predicted as Spam that I decided was “good”. Log shows (with asterisks in place of identification of organization):

Predicted: Spam (99)
Subject: Your Recent **** Membership Renewal
From: memberservices@****.org
Identifier: h/s5d813ieL+/qg2e/dDpw==
Reason: (
“Member Services”
) matched rule <From (name) Is Equal to “Member Services”> in SpamSieve blocklist
Date: 2014-04-18 18:32:32 +0000

With the e-mail selected in my Spam mailbox, in Mail’s Message menu, I clicked “SpamSieve - Train as Good”, but it was not obvious that anything had happened. The e-mail remained in the Spam mailbox–with the brownish header saying it had been recognized as Junk. I waited for over a minute and when the e-mail had not been moved to my Inbox, I tried clicking the Train as Good again and, then, after a while, again another time. I then used Mail’s Message-Menu’s “Move to” command and moved it to my Inbox and, once there, clicked Not Junk in the header. The SpamSieve Log didn’t show any entry for my having tried to Train as Good–but, then, I don’t know whether it should have shown anything when I used that command.)

I can’t report whether that Train as Good command is still not doing anything as I so seldom have a “false positive” that I don’t expect to have another occurrence any time soon.

Any suggestions on what happened or what I should report to help identify what’s wrong?


You should get a log entry that says “Trained: Good (Manual)”.

Please take a look at the Console, both when you launch SpamSieve and when you train the message as good.

Didn’t. (Used Edit Log and supplemented my manual search after that “Predicted: Spam (99)” with a search for that Trained entry.)

Please take a look at the Console, both when you launch SpamSieve and when you train the message as good.

My SpamSieve is launches automatically when I launch Mail (typically, once a day in the morning as I generally have closed all apps the evening before to minimize app actions while SuperDuper! is making its cloned backup in the very-early next morning). Attached are the Console entries for today which would include when I had launched Mail (and thus SpamSieve), when SpamSieve did its Prediction reported earlier in this thread, and to when I made that earlier report (which would have been after my several Train as Good attempts).

If and when another unwanted Prediction as Spam is made by SpamSieve, I’ll repeated the check of both the SpamSieve log and the Console all-messages log.

Anything else I should do at this time to assist you?


My Log.log (61.4 KB)

There don’t seem to be any significant errors from Mail there, and none from SpamSieve.

Please click these two links and then restart SpamSieve and Mail to enable some additional debug logging.

Done. I’ll advise (and provide the logs) if/when I have reason to use Train as Good again.