SpamSieve Training spam as good and adding to white list

I have been having a problem with SS not filtering spam very well any more. Looked at the log and white list and noticed that there is a LOT of spam on my white list that is checked as enabled. I looked through recent spam in the log and noticed that it was not flagged as spam because it said that “this exact message has been marked as good” before. I never would have trained these messages as good. I Deleted these senders from the white list, and re-trained a couple of them as bad. But . . . when I would “apply rules” to the same sender or type of email, it would auto-train them as good and add them back to the white list and check the enabled box.

Can anyone help me figure out what’s going on?

This means that you have not been correcting the mistakes (or the rules would be disabled). It’s really important to to use Train as Spam on any spam messages that get through to your inbox. Otherwise the auto-training feature may train them as good. And this will lead to more spam in your inbox.

It is much better to train the messages as spam than to delete the allowlist rules. Please see “Spammy Allowlist Rules” here.

I recommend that you go back through the log and train as spam any spam messages that show up as Predicted: Good with a green circle.