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SpamSieve triggers Recovered Messages in Apple Mail

The following workflow forces message marked as Spam to always end up in Recovered Messages on Apple Mail:

  1. Email arrives and is marked by SpamSieve as spam, and moved to Spam folder (on local disk).
  2. “Train as Good” is applied on message.
  3. “Copy to” or “Move to” IMAP-based inbox is applied (to which message belongs).

When 1-3 is executed (in fact step 2 is not required) the message ends up in Recovered Messages created on the local disk. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE to move or copy this message back to Inbox. Rebuilding Inbox has no effect.

The issue is affecting only messages processed by SpamSieve (if spam sieve is disabled, and message ends in Junk due to Apple filter, the message can be properly recovered).

I am using Catalina 10.15.6 (19G73) and SpamSieve 2.9.39 (SpamSieve is for sure properly configured with respect to Rules, folders, etc.)

What is going on???

Could you explain why you are doing #3? Normally, when you use “Train as Good,” SpamSieve will itself move the messages to the inbox.

If you see “Recovered Messages” that typically means that there was a problem with Mail’s data store or with your mail server. It might help to do a complete rebuild of Mail’s database.

Interesting, in my case Train as Good does not trigger message movement (i.e., the message stays in Spam folder).


  • Jaric

You can control whether messages are moved using the Change Settings command.

If it’s set to move messages but they’re not moving, please click this link to enable some SpamSieve debug logging. After relaunching Mail and SpamSieve, try training one of those messages as good. Then send me a diagnostic report.

OK – I changed the settings. Now message that is trained as good indeed moves to Inbox but then immediately is transferred back to Recovered Messages. Will check debugging option.

Thank you for your help.

If the message moves (even temporarily) there is no need to enable the debug logging. SpamSieve did tell Mail to move the message, and the fact that it’s now in Recovered Messages means that either there was a server problem or a bug or data corruption in Mail itself. It might help to rebuild Mail’s database.

Thanks, rebuilding mailbox does not help…

You would need to do the complete rebuild described on that page, not just rebuild an individual mailbox.