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SpamSieve trouble

Ive had to completely uninstall it, one minute a email is in my inbox, one i have responded too next minute completely disappeared nowhere to be seen anywhere on my system, what a waste of money, too much hard work monitoring it, have gone back to normal junk mail in apple, would love a refund on this product!

It sounds like there was something else going on with your Mac, because SpamSieve doesn’t touch old e-mails in the inbox, nor does it make messages disappear. It just moves new spam messages to the Spam mailbox. I’ve refunded your order, as requested.

Thank you appreciated, I never had emails completely vanish prior so I’m not sure what else it could be.

It could be that Mail removed the message because when it synced with the mail server it found that the message had been removed there. This could have been because of a server malfunction or because the message was deleted by another device that syncs with the server.