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SpamSieve update no longer filtering as well as before

please can someone advise.
since upgrading my Spamsieve to latest issue, I am finding that one particular spam email is not responding
to ‘Train as Spam’ and I receive a multitude of emails from this every day which is very irritating.
Obviously, some others too slip through the net.
Prior to this, Spamsieve has been working brilliantly and I would like it to do so again!
I have also upgraded to El Capitan on mac laptop, so perhaps my settings need adjusting?
Any help gratefully received, thankyou.

I have unchecked the box in Mail saying ‘enable junk mail filtering’ which I believe could conflict with Spamsieve,
if I have read the instructions correctly.

Do you literally mean that nothing happens when you train it as spam? Or that it moves to the Spam mailbox but you still get future spams like that in the inbox?

Please see this page.

That’s good.

Yes, I can move it to Spam mailbox, but get future spams in inbox.

OK, first you should check the setup. If that doesn’t fix the problem, check the log to see if/why the messages are getting through SpamSieve, or send in the log if you would prefer to have me look at it for you.

thankyou for your replies.

Here is the log as requested for your attention Michael.
Paul sent you an email with a spam email, but you seem to prefer us to send it this way.
Hope you can help solve this, thankyou.

/Users/karen/Library/Logs/SpamSieve/SpamSieve Log.log

Thank you for sending the log via e-mail. I actually prefer it that way, for privacy. In the first e-reply, I did not realize you were the same person from the forum.

That particular e-mail seems to be getting through because it’s sent from your own e-mail address. In order for SpamSieve to catch such messages, please follow the instructions on this page.

Many thanks for your help Michael,
I have followed the instruction about Updating the ME card in contacts, so hopefully all will now be well : )