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Spamsieve using 2 or more computers

I have Spamsieve running on one computer using applemail but I have a .mac account and check my imap accounts using 3 macs including the mac spamsieve is on.

All was working great for about 2 months and then suddenly a lot of good mail started ending up in my spam folder. I would train as good and spamsieve would move it but with in a few minutes if one of the other computer was also checking mail then all my good messages were back in the spamfolder.

What gives? Do I .mac change a rule when it synced all my preferences. I have tried uninstalling spamsieve and reinstalling I have reset the corpus I can not find the problem.

Help. David

If SpamSieve is not installed, the SpamSieve rule in Mail will move every message to the Spam mailbox. Therefore, you should not have a SpamSieve rule on Macs that do not have SpamSieve. You may need to turn off .Mac rule syncing in order to prevent the SpamSieve rule on one Mac from being copied to the others.