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SpamSieve with Android Phones?

Hi, ive been an iPhone user for 10 years and have just switched to a Samsung S8+ and I’m having a total nightmare, included in this list is my email issue. Spamsieve works fine on my Macs but the Spam still appears on my Samsun S8+. Is there any way to make the filter which works in Mac Mail also have the changes (Spam moved to Spam folder) appear in the Mail app on Samsung? Im happy to use / try another email client on the phone to get this to work!

Ive setup my IMAP email account exactly as its setup on my Mac and iPhones.

If it was working with your iPhone, it sounds like Apple Mail is already set up to use IMAP. The issue then would be to make sure that your phone’s mail app is properly syncing with the IMAP server. You may need to tell it to refresh to update the message listing. I can’t help you with the specifics of Android mail apps, but you can see the general troubleshooting strategy at the bottom of this page. The key point is that, regardless of what SpamSieve is doing, if the mail app is working properly it will show the same mailboxes and messages as your Mac.