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SpamSieve with my IMAP / ISP

Pre-purchase question – Using Apple Mail 9.2 (El Capitan). My ISP places a lot of Spam emails in to my “Spam” folder in Apple Mail. So I’m assuming they are getting through the Junk Filter at my ISP, Network Solutions, but being caught by the Mail app?

If yes, it’s good that the Mail app is catching them but a hassle to constantly delete them from the Spam folder. (I always look through because occasionally there is a Good email in the Spam folder.)

Would SpamSieve resolve this?

No, it sounds like your ISP junk filter is catching them (because it took them out of the inbox), and Mail’s filter is not looking at them (because it only looks at new messages in the inbox).

It’s not clear to me what you want to have happen. One option would be to turn off the server junk filter if you don’t like what it’s doing. With the normal SpamSieve setup, SpamSieve will, like Mail, only filter messages that come into the inbox. However, you can optionally install the Apple Mail - Server Junk Mailbox script if you want it to look through the mailbox for the ISP filter and move the good messages back to the inbox.