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SpamSieve with Outlook for Mac

I have the desktop application Microsoft Outlook for Mac, ver. 16.16.11. I’m not sure which instructions to follow to use SpamSieve with that application. Is it possible and where do I find the plug-in I need? Thanks.

Please see the Setting Up Outlook 365 instructions. No plug-in is needed.

It was not clear to me that the instructions for Outlook 365 would apply to Outlook 2016 (and 2019?). Perhaps in SpamSieve Help, under Using SpamSieve, there should be a section Setting Up Outlook 2016 (and Setting up Outlook 2019) that redirects to the Setting Up Outlook 365 page. I wouldn’t have thought to look there, but now I see a reference to Outlook 2016 on that page. Thanks for directing me to those instructions.

Sorry for the confusion. I’m working on getting this information into the app itself, which will hopefully make it much more clear.

I did what you suggested and the spam filter is working pretty well now.

I do have mail that is sent from a specific bulletin board that I would to have sent to a specific folder dedicated to those messages rather than going into my Inbox. I wrote a rule trying to filter out those messages and put it above the InboxSpamSieve rule in IMAP Client Rules and a similar rule under Outlook Server Rules, thinking one of those would redirect those messages into the desired inbox prior to getting filtered by SpamSieve. That’s not working as expected. The messages still end up in the Inbox. Any suggestions? Thanks.


Yes, both server rules and rules above the SpamSieve rule have higher priority, so either should work. So my guess is that there’s a problem with your rule’s conditions. Have you tested it by itself?

Here is an example of an email that went to the Inbox instead of the desired folder. I’ve attached a screenshot of the rule I created and the mail folders I have in Outlook. Do you see any reason this doesn’t work?




It looks OK, but I haven’t seen the messages it’s intended to match. That’s why I suggest testing the rule by selecting a message and choosing Message > Rules > Apply > Move Freecycle.

Sorry, I thought I had also attached a message. I have now. This message went to Junk. When I selected it and applied the rules as you suggested, it stayed in Junk.

freecycle.pdf (71 KB)

The rule looks correct as far as I can tell. You could try matching a different field, like From, and see if that helps. Otherwise, this sounds like a question/bug for Microsoft.