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SpamSieve with Postbox

I recently (read: today) started investigating Postbox as a new e-mail application to use to help me sift through the (300+) valid e-mails I get in a day. It works great for my application.

Since it is based on Thunderbird’s e-mail paradigm, I was wondering what the chances are of helping develop some sort of integration between SpamSieve and the Postbox application?

I saw on Postbox’s forum that there was some attempt at this, but the product (Postbox) didn’t appear to be able to forward all messages. I actually found a way to do this, but still have no clue how to integrate the XPI that is already out there for Thunderbird into Postbox…

From what I’ve seen so far, it looks like Postbox does not accept plug-ins or allow AppleScript access to the filtering process. So there’s no way to make SpamSieve work with it.

Here is a thread about this in Postbox’s forums.

Here’s another thread about Postbox in the SpamSieve forum, so I’m closing this thread.

SpamSieve 2.8.4 includes a plug-in for Postbox 2.0.