SpamSieve won’t check incoming messages

iMac running Sonoma Beta
SpamSieve 3.0b7

My SpamSieve works sometimes and sometimes it doesn’t.

After a fresh reboot or even a restart of Apple Mail / SpamSieve, spam just comes to my inbox. Sometimes I can go through the SS and mail settings, and can’t find anything wrong, only to find out it started working. Other times, I can go through settings and spam continues to go to inbox.

When it works, it works great. When it doesn’t, I can select items in my inbox and the filter option will work and process them correctly.

My theory that something is not telling SS to check incoming messages. Because it does work, sometimes, I feel most of the settings are correct.

The only thing I see that might be a clue, is that when I click the icon in the top right bar, Apple Mail appears as the first option but it is grayed out.

I hope it is a simple brain fart issue.


It sounds like you’re probably running into a Mail bug where sometimes it stops sending new messages to the Mail extension. For more information on how to diagnose and work around this, please see Step 6 on the Checking the Extension Setup help page that’s linked from the Settings ‣ Apple Mail ‣ Setup window.

That’s normal since the Apple Mail menu item is a header that indicates that that group of commands pertains to Apple Mail. The commands below it should be enabled, however.

I have this issue too. Something I found to check for is the extension icon, shown in the image to the right of the green flag.
Screenshot 2023-09-16 at 16.03.30
When the extension isn’t processing the emails that vanishes and I need to use the “Filter spam messages in other mailboxes” to periodically filter the inboxes.

The work around works well but yeah it’s a bit of a nuisance how it randomly works and stops. That image was from post b9 update, it then broke again after I quit it a few hours later.

Me too. Recent upgrade to Sonoma and SS3.

Twice ran through the help checklist for the SS, Apple Mal and System settings. :x:

Reinstalled SS. :x:

Finally used the suggested workaround of enabling filtering for other inboxes, and selected the inbox for each email address. :white_check_mark:

Spam still appears in my All Inboxes view but is removed within 60 seconds rather than on receipt (as previously with the SS Mail plugin).

SpamSieve 3.0.1b2 can now automatically filter new messages in the inbox that Mail failed to send to the Mail extension. So, in most cases, you no longer need to do anything to work around this Mail bug.

Thank You Michael. 3.0.1b2 seems to work as advertised.

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