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SpamSieve won't load.

I down loaded SpamSieve the first about an hour ago and it wouldn’t load properly. After turning my mail off and on several times SpamSieve still wouldn’t load. When I go to the Messages menu the SpamSieve controls aren’t there. So I deleted SpamSieve and all the set-up. Then I reloaded SpamSieve a second time the controls still did not show up in the Messages menu. Also now all messages go to the Spam folder whether or not the message is spam or not. Since the controls are not there I can’t train SpamSieve. I followed all the steps for proper set up so I do not know why it won’t activate properly. Please help! Mike Traub

Which version of Mac OS X are you using? Did you choose “Install Apple Mail Plug-In” from the menu? If so, what happened?

I have OSX 10.5.7. I did use the load Apple Mail plug in. I got a message saying that SpamSieve should activate the next time I turned apple mail on. SpamSieve did not activate. Mike Traub

Please open the /Applications/Utilities/Console program. Do you see any error messages from Mail or SpamSieve in the “All Messages” of the window?

Please e-mail me the file:


There is an error message. How do I e-mail you the file?

I don’t know why but SpamSieve just activated! Now I will start training. Thank you for your help! Mike Traub