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SpamSieve worked awesome until I moved to Office 365

I have used SpamSieve for several years on Outlook for Mac 2011. I still use that version of outlook natively on my computer but my emails are coming from an Office 365 exchange account. I have set up my SpamSieve as an exchange account now on my computer, but I can’t turn off “junk mail protection” because it is grayed out. I think this is causing SpamSieve not to catch my junk mail any more and the Office 365 is trying to catch things instead, but that program isn’t nearly good enough for all the junk I get. Does this make sense, and is there something I can do about it? Please see attachment of how I have rules set up.

SpamSieve SET UP.jpg

Can you turn it off by logging into the the server?

Spam that’s not caught by the server filter should be going into your inbox, so it should still be eligible for SpamSieve to filter it.

This much looks good. Have you tested the rules?