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SpamSieve working great but consistently missing specific emails

My SpamSieve is working great. I’ve tested it out and when it’s not up and running, my (junk) email address receives all kinds of crap. When it is running, everything is clean. I have noticed that there are specific emails that constantly get through the filter. A perfect example of this is Old Navy advertisements. We have purchased from Old Navy online before and occasionally we receive advertisements. I have marked them spam multiple times but they still always end up getting through the filter. I’ve checked the troubleshooting steps and everything look all right in my settings. Any ideas?

I do not recommend training as spam messages that are merely unwanted, i.e. messages from legitimate companies that you have done business with. It is better to unsubscribe from the e-mails.

That said, in general when spams are not being caught, the first thing to do is to look in the log to see whether it says “Predicted: Good” for those messages.