hi. As a new user of Spam Sieve, as advised to so do on a MAC forum, can someone tell me if Spam Sieve actually “blocks” Spam, ie stops spam showing up at all, or if it just moves it to Junk email box? I am madly training as per Spam Sieve instructions, but still receiving massive volumes of Spam email

It does not prevent you from receiving spam, but rather moves it to the Junk mailbox (or another location that you specify). It is not necessary or recommended to train the messages that were automatically classified as spam. You can just leave them in Junk or delete them.

Thank you for this

SO I was advised to Purchase Spam Sieve in order to eliminate Spam completely: I am suddenly receiving a ridiculous amount of Spam since the upgrade to Ventura
I’ve never had this issue before
Some of it is appalling

I’m happy to keep with Spam Sieve (now Ive paid for it) but what can I do to sop all this tuff coming in?

I’ve tried blocking email addresses
I’ve tried reporting it all to abuse at iCloud

Nothing works!!


There’s really not much you can do to prevent the messages from being sent to you. Some mail providers have a configurable junk filter so you could have more messages deleted before they get to your Mac. This is not possible with iCloud. My experience has been that server filters tend to mistakenly move/delete good messages so that it’s best to have less filtering there and let SpamSieve do most of the work (since it knows about your Contacts, previous messages received, etc.). To help deal with large amounts of spam, you can set SpamSieve to move the most spammy messages to Trash instead of Junk and/or set Mail to automatically delete old messages from Trash and Junk.

Michael you are amazing, thank you

Just now, 15 have come in! All HORRIBLE!! Sexy stuff etc

I really do. To know why this has just happened since Ventura……oh well

To help deal with large amounts of spam, you can set SpamSieve to move the most spammy messages to Trash

I shall certainly try that: BUT I’ve looked in Settings and under Filter: how do I actually do that?

BTW Spam Sieve already has 174 on my Block list, after only a week or so: thats how many I’m getting



I think it’s probably just a coincidence that this happened after you upgraded to Ventura. The version of the operating system that you’re using does not affect how many messages are sent to you.

To move the most spammy blue messages directly to Trash, you would remove your SpamSieve rule in Mail’s settings and replace it with the three rules described in Example 1 on this page.

Thanks Michael
I really appreciate your assistance.

I spent 45 minutes on the phone to Apple help today. Their fix? Change my email address :weary::weary::weary::weary:. As if!!!

I’ll try your latest advice



I have found Spam Sieve to be very effective at screening spam mail. My email adresses have been used for several decades so the spammers use them frequently. I think you will grow to really see this as an important tool. I do. I have no ties to c-command other than being a customer.

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Thank you Ken