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spamsieve's icon wrong


On my mac book pro and snow leopard, when I use MAIL, the icon of spamsieve (2.8.2) is on time normal, and the next time only the generic icon application;
so, alternatively, the good icon appearsand the genreric icon, in the dock.

can Y correct this ?

thank you Nicolas

Does this occur if you launch SpamSieve without opening Mail?

Your copy of the SpamSieve application may be damaged. You could try downloading and installing a fresh copy.

problem resolved
thank you
I have deleted spamsieve, and downloaded a new copy
now, it always opens with Mail and has the good icon, and work fine.
It is the first day I use spamsieve and I have registered just after trying it.

It works very fine, and, just after e few hours, is more accurate than MAil for detecting spam.

thank you


You bet, SpamSieve is the best