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Sparse bundle disk image question


I created an encrypted sparse bundle disk image EF library and then dragged in the contents of another library. I have two questions I was wondering if anyone could help with:

  1. I tried to create an alias of the encrypted EF library and put the alias in the sidebar under places. I thought this would give quick access to the library but it only seems to work when the disk image has already been mounted. If the disk image is not mounted the alias is either not there anymore or is there but doesn’t do anything.

  2. When I eject the disk image of the encrypted library, the finder window closes. I didn’t think that would be the expected behavior. Anyone know about that?


Alas, that’s simply how the Finder’s sidebar works. It does not show unavailable items. I recommend dragging the “.eflibrary” file to the Finder’s toolbar or the Dock.

Apple made this change to the Finder in Snow Leopard. If you don’t want the window to go away, select a different “place” before clicking the Eject button.

Ah, ok, thanks.