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Specify Growl Theme?

EDIT: Never mind, I had to quit Growl to finally get it to show up in the Applications tab, but it’s also freezing when I try to make changes. Probably fruitless; Growl is clearly zombieware for a long time now.

Any way to specify the theme Growl uses? It’s using my System default, Music Video, which is too intrusive for frequent information updates; I use a small version of Smoke for simple updates, and reserve MV for in your face priority messages. I’m so used to coding my own message triggers it never occurred to me that a third party app wouldn’t give me a pref. I’m happy to edit a plist, but I’m not seeing the key; only see boolean for on/off and message bodies.

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding the request, but I don’t think it’s necessary to ever specify this in the app because Growl itself lets you specify different themes for different apps.