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Specify Partition Map (Create image from folder)

So I bought DropDMG a while ago. I’ve got the v3.5.5 version, running it under mac os sierra 10.12.6. I created a zlib compressed dmg from a folder on an hfs+ volume using the gui. even though it succeeded, i noticed an issue with the created image. it’s got the Apple Partition Map scheme. i wanted to use the GUID Partition Map., but i didn’t see any choice to change this.

any suggestions? thanks friends

It’s not currently possible to change the partition scheme. DropDMG uses Apple Partition Scheme (SPUD) for HFS+ disk images, as it’s the most compatible, and GUID Partition Scheme (GPTSPUD) for APFS disk images. I would be interested to know why you need a particular partition scheme.

Thanks for your input, Michael. My goal was to use a format that was compatible for the wide majority of OS X and macOS versions, i.e. 10.4+. I didn’t realize APM was the most compatible for HFS+ images, but I guess thinking about it that would make sense, judging from the age of HFS+. Thanks for that bit of info. I’ll just stick with that format, then – HFS+/APM.

It would still be a nice feature to see implemented, for advanced users who may need specific settings like that.

Thanks; I’ll keep that in mind.