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I’ve been a Yojimbo user for a long time, but I’m now checking out EagleFiler for a number of reasons, not least of which is the fact that EF seems much more responsive to the user community, etc.

The only significant problem I have had with a total move is the speed of the application itself – when switching between documents, or when just writing a couple of lines as a note to tag and file, the application seems a little sluggish. Still useable, definitely, but I was wondering if this is a structural issue, if it’s something that has been identified as an issue, and if there are any planned fixes in the short term.

Thanks so much – and thanks for resolving my question earlier about web archives.

I find EF fast once the application is loaded. The application is slow to load, though. Overall I prefer EF to Yojimbo but really miss highlighted search terms. Michael says that highlighted search terms are coming but he hasn’t said when they are coming. Without this the software in my mind is essentially a beta for which I have paid for a license.

Michael is very responsive.

Speed (particularly when there are a lot of records) is one of my top priorities for 1.2. This has been discussed in several other threads. If there are particular operations that you find slow, please e-mail me directly so that I can be sure to investigate them. Please include specifics such as what kind of Mac you have, how many records are in the library, where you clicked, etc. Please use the terms that EagleFiler does, so that I can be sure I understand what you’re talking about. For example, in the above comment I’m not sure whether “switching between documents” refers to switching from one browser (library) window to another or selecting different records in the items list.

Highlighting search terms is on my list for 1.2, but it’s a complex enough feature (lots of room for surprises in interacting with the OS) that I don’t feel comfortable giving an ETA until the code is written and tested.

Thank you Michael!
You just have tom love a software developer who responds quickly and helpfully as Michael does consistently. EF is on its way to being a great application.

EagleFiler 1.2 is now available and is much faster.