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spinning beach ball after re-install

I had a hard drive failure and had to reinstall eaglefiler (and everything else) back to my new drive from a backup.

When I open either my main library or my mail archive I get the same result: endless hangups (spinning ball). Is there some kind of library repair or rebuild that I need to do? I’ve run permission fixes/repairs.

Yes, you could try rebuilding the library, although I recommend investigating the cause of the hang first.

I’m finally getting around to hunting down this problem. When I try to use the activity monitor, as recommended, “sample processes” is grayed out. Would “active processes” or one of the other selections work?

No. Sample Process should be available after you click on EagleFiler in the list.

This sample is from a search of my email archive. Eaglefiler hung up (hanged up?) before I’d even typed the full word. In activity monitor it was described as “not responding”).

Sample of EagleFiler.txt (129 KB)

You may want to try the SendsWholeSearchString esoteric preference so that EagleFiler waits to begin searching until you tell it that you’re finished typing.

The sample shows what looks like a normal search where EagleFiler is waiting for the index to be read from disk. This page has some information about how you can investigate what is making a search slow.

Okay, I’m going to have to explore what other things are wrong with my Mac, because everything is hanging up; it’s not just this search.

Here’s a sample of Eaglefiler trying–and failing–to merge mailboxes.

Sample of EagleFiler—Merging mailbox.txt (994 KB)

It looks like it was busy indexing mailboxes, so it hadn’t started merging yet.

What is the visual cue that a mailbox has been merged? In the past i recall it being straightforward, and faster. I have run the process multiple times, selecting many mailboxes, as well as only 2, and … The library looks the same afterwards and Items in my second mailbox (for example) do not appear in the first. I worry I’m messing rhings up with these efforts.

I think the problem was that my computer was going to sleep mid-process. Anyway, I disabled sleep and it seems to be working: One main file with the others in the trash. Still “rebuilding table(s)”
Now on to de-duplicating.