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Splitting A Library

I am aware of the feature to open two libraries and drag items form one the other. However, I am dealing with tens of thousand of emails, and the re-indexing seems to take just about as long as the initial importing into a library.

Now wishing I had separated documents and emails from the get go, I wonder if it would be feasible to copy the folder structure of the source library to a new folder structure for the target library, then to just delete the respective elements that I don’t want.

Any suggestions?


It’s fine to do this. Just make sure that you do the deleting from within EagleFiler, not the Finder.

So the steps would be:

  1. Copy the source folder with its contents
  2. Rename the target folder (copy of source folder)
  3. Rename the target library as desired
  4. Open target library
  5. Delete non desired items
  6. Open source library
  7. Delete the inverted non-desired items
  8. Enjoy a splt database

Right. And, to be clear, the source folder is the folder that contains the .eflibrary file.