SS 3.0.1 Problems since upgrade from 2.x

Hi Michael,

Thanks for the support! Attached is a .tbz file.

I order the upgrade to 3.0 on 9/27/23 and installed shortly thereafter. Starting on 10/15/23, SpamSieve stopped working. I believe that was the date I updated to 3.0.1. SS stopped sending spam to the SPAM folder. I am at a complete loss to figure this out! Help please?

Thank you!

Thanks for the report. It looks to me like you updated to 3.0.1 on October 19 and that SpamSieve continued to filter out spam messages until October 29. You didn’t train them as spam, so this makes me think that SpamSieve did successfully move them out of your inbox.

It’s unclear what happened after that. Even today, Apple Mail is still sending SpamSieve new messages to filter, just not very many of them, and none of them spam.

I do see you training some messages as spam, but nearly all of them were ones that were in the server spam mailbox. So these messages were probably already caught by the your server junk filter before they got to your Mac. They are not SpamSieve mistakes and do not need to be trained as spam.

Likewise, you’ve been training some good messages in the spam mailbox as good, but those were also not SpamSieve mistakes. You can see this because of how the messages were colored with white backgrounds.

Bottom line: it seems like nearly all of your spam is being caught automatically, so I don’t actually see a problem here. If you want, you could adjust the Mail settings and switch to the standard SpamSieve rule setup so that all the spam is consolidated in the All Junk mailbox.

Thank you, Michael!

I suppose what threw me off was that I usual get more spam and it appeared I was getting none. Also, emails I had trained as good were no longer coming through. This could still be a server side problem. I’ll keep working on it and let you know if anything changes. Thanks for the thorough explanation!