SS 3.0.1 - prune log

I just started using SpamSieve 3.0 - very nicely done Mr. T

I recently opened the SS 3.0.1 Log and I notice the Train as buttons were greyed out. It took my a few minutes to realize I was on an old message.

Once I clicked on a new message, the greyed out buttons magically reappeared.

So I started searching for a way to prune the old messages from the log. As you can see from the above image there are > 65K.

I see there is a Prune in the storage tab.

Is this related the the Log Windows (1st image)? Or something else?

I changed the days just to see if it changed anything I see in the Log, but no joy…

I certainly don’t need a log 2 years old. So the question is: how do I prune the logs seen in the Log window?

EDIT: I am using:

iMac Late 2015
macOS Monterey v12.7

SS 3.0.1
Apple Mail
Enable spam filtering using Mail extension

Yes, the training commands within SpamSieve are only available for messages where SpamSieve is storing the full message data. Log entries imported from SpamSieve 2 (mostly) won’t have this data, nor will ones that were automatically pruned.

Yes, this is for the Log window.

The pruning takes place periodically in the background, not immediately after you change the number of days. When pruning happens, there will be a log entry telling you this and saying how much space it saved.

The above setting reduces the size of the log entries by removing the full message data, but you would still see the same number of entries in the log. This is because (as with SpamSieve 2) it is storing the basic message information such as the subject and date. This does not take very much space and is used to calculate the accuracy statistics.

That said, if you really want to completely delete the log entries, you can select them and press the Delete key. It will let you select 1,000 at a time. A future version of SpamSieve will provide more settings for automatic pruning.

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