SS for dummies?

Happy for many years, I recently gave up on Spamsieve as I feel lost in details.
All the user manual pages are extremely detailed and thus quite confusing and time consuming for a user like me.
I doubt if a B 747 pilot manual is much more extensive.
SERIOUSLY: I need a version for DUMMIES or I’ll find an alternative…

What changed since you were happy? The basic mechanics of using/training SpamSieve are the same. Is there a specific problem that you were trying to solve but couldn’t figure out?

Are you using Apple Mail or another mail program?

Wow Mike,
Since you react so rapidly, I’ll do my part asap.
And YES I’m using Apple Mail
Maybe it’s mainly that I am overwhelmed with all the detailed manuals that I come across, when looking for help. Before and during my loooong experience it was: hey it just works!

So I’ll go back to using SS for a few days, list the points where I hit limits…and come back to you!

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OK, the current instructions for Apple Mail on macOS Sonoma are here. Please let me know if there’s anything there that’s not clear. Most of the rest of the manual is not relevant to you unless you’re troubleshooting or trying to customize the setup.

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