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SS not scanning messages moved from IMAP to local directories

I’m using SS 2.4.4 on Entourage 2004 and it’s been working great. Never a hiccup. I would just POP my mail, downloading off the mail server, and run mail through a series of rules to move messages to specific local directories and then scan with SpamSieve. It was working fine until yesterday when we switched over to a new Exchange 2003 server at work and SS doesn’t seem to be triggering on one of my rules.

Basically, I have established rules to move mail off the IMAP server to my local directories. Several of these rules have just two actions - 1. move the message to a specific local Entourage folder and 2. Run AppleScript “Move if Spam”. While the messages are moving to the correct directory, they aren’t triggering the final step of scanning in SpamSieve.

The only difference between the rules that were working and the ones that aren’t is the fact that I’m downloading from the Exchange server directly rather than POPing the mail.

Any thoughts on why SS isn’t scanning the mail that is being moved from the online directory to the local directories?

PS - I love SpamSieve and can’t live without it. It’s a fantastic tool and you can quot me on that.

I don’t think it will work to have a single rule move the message and apply SpamSieve (by running the script). Generally, Entourage stops applying rules after an action moves the message, and it’s probably not a good idea to move the message (and change it from an IMAP message to a local one) out from under the AppleScript.

Instead, I suggest creating two SpamSieve rules at the top of the rule list to move the spam into the Junk E-mail folder. Then, below those, you can have your rules to sort the non-spam messages into the local folders.

Thanks for the advice. My bad for not checking the manual where you have a very conveniently located section about dealing with IMAP issues. Oops.

I had held off on putting SpamSieve at the top of the list because I remember reading somewhere that once an AppleScript has been run on a file in Entourage that Entourage can’t apply any other actions that follow the AppleScript. However, that might be old information or only apply to setting actions within a single rule.

Thanks. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this works.

Yes, the limitation about Entourage not running any rules after executing an AppleScript only applies to versions prior to Entourage 2004.

I set up Entourage 2004 (version 11.2.5) using the two rules model. My Exchange mail is being correctly categorized/color-coded as spam by the first rule, but the second rule, which should move the spam into the local folder junk folder is not executing. I originally configured the second rule to move junk into the server folder, but that didn’t work either. Love the software, just want it to move the spam out!

Did you uncheck “Do not apply other rules to the messages that meet these criteria” on the first rule?

Yes, it is unchecked.

Does the second rule work if you select a message that’s already categorized as junk and choose “Apply Rule > SpamSieve - Move Messages” from the Message menu?

Yes, the second rule works when I manually apply it. I deleted the rules and reentered them from scratch to no avail.

Does it work if you select the message and choose “Apply Rule > All Rules”? Also, if you have any mailing list manager rules, it might help to disable or delete them.

Having changed nothing in my set-up, besides quitting Entourage last night and restarting it this morning, the messages seem to be moved correctly now. Thanks for your help!