SS3 Extension/Monterey/Apple Mail: Spam identified and logged but not moved from inbox

Since the move to SS3 and the extension(*), a fair amount of spam is staying in the inbox. I’ve checked the log and it is correctly identified. I had two near-identical spams arrive at the same time, probably from the same source - only obvious difference was subject line. Identical classification, one was filed, one was left in inbox.

In the log, the one which wasn’t filed has an entry with text in red - what does this mean? Some non-spams are also in red.

I’ve enabled green-flag marking to track progress. A fair number of messages are getting grey flags: mostly spam (left in inbox) but some real emails as well. Is SS doing this?

(*) The memory load on the machine is also higher than it used to be - might this be a factor?

If the message is colored as spam in Mail and shows as Predicted: Spam in the log, it sounds like SpamSieve is encountering an error when trying to move the message. SpamSieve 3.0.1, now in public beta, includes some changes that may help with this.

A red log entry means that it took an abnormally long time to process that message. This could indicate something unusual about the message that tripped up SpamSieve or simply that your Mac was overloaded with other tasks at the time.

SpamSieve 3.0 will add a gray flag (3.0.1 uses orange instead) if the Mail extension encounters an error processing the message. Please use the Save Diagnostic Report command in the Help menu and send me the report file, as described here, and I’ll investigate further.

High memory load on your Mac could slow down SpamSieve’s processing, though I wouldn’t expect it to cause errors unless it’s so bogged down that things start timing out.

Hi Michael,

  • I’ll jump to the 3.0.1 beta and see if that changes anything.
  • I’d say something like 10% of the messages in the log are highlighted in red. Most are spam but not all; many spams are not indicated in red. But if the messages are getting processed I don’t mind that much - this is a drone machine.
  • Lots of messages with grey flags: mostly but not all spam. I think any spams that get left in the inbox are grey-flagged; those moved to the junk folder aren’t.
  • Diagnostic report is on its way.
  • The mail machine is rather under-specced - 4GB RAM 2014 Mac mini - though it’s not doing much more than Apple Mail and SpamSieve. The log file notes the occasional AppleScript time-out (all the ones I’ve seen are for removing the green flag) but these are rare.

You may find that things are better with SpamSieve 3.0.1b2. If this is an older Mac with a spinning hard drive, there are some suggestions in this thread for how to improve the performance.

Thanks for sending the report. It looks like the gray flags from the Mail extension are because the SpamSieve app was overloaded and couldn’t respond in time. I think the ideas in this thread will help, and I’m also working on some more optimizations. Part of the trouble may be that the Mac mini is at its RAM limit, though.

I’m trying 3.0.1b2 now. The Mac mini still has its original HDD installed but is actually running off an internal NVMe SSD so that shouldn’t be a performance problem. RAM might be though - in Activity Monitor the pressure oscillates between green and yellow, occasionally going into the red. But again, if it’s paging to an SSD I’d hope not…

If you’re still seeing it bogged down after trying the other suggestions, please send in a sample report.

Will do… though it doesn’t appear to bog down particularly when it fails to file spams.

Btw, what are the new blue icons at the end of the “type” log entries in 3.0.1b2?

When that happens, please see what the Log window says about those messages.

If you mean :repeat:, that is shown in the log if the same message is processed twice. SpamSieve 3.0.1b2 now checks each message in the inbox in case it wasn’t sent to the Mail extension. If the extension did already process it, it’ll be processed a second time and so that’s why you see that in the log.

I’m seeing a mix of :arrow_right: and :repeat:, against both spam and non-spam, roughly 50/50 mix between the two. About 75% of the messages have one or the other.

The first prediction for a message will have :arrow_right:, and the second will have :repeat:. This is nothing to worry about; it basically means that the Mail extension is working reliably for you. You could prevent the duplicate log entries by unchecking Check inboxes for new messages not sent to Mail extension, but then you would have to remember to enable that again if for some reason Mail stops sending messages to the extension.

Fingers crossed, but since I’ve updated to 3.0.1b2 it looks like all spam is being successfully moved out of the inbox. Still getting a few log entries in red, but everything seems to be working.

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