Start From Scratch?

I use Apple Mail. I continue to have SpamSieve problems with the update, mainly trying new features like getting stuff onto the block list and having block list items move directly to Trash, by passing Junk.

I’m sure I have an accumulated lot of edited AppleScripts, Mail rules and other oddments that are messing it up. None of this is SpamSieve’s fault. But I have been using SpamSieve so long that there are layers and layers of previous civilizations below what appears now on the surface.

I’m thinking about just saving my Corpus, then uninstalling SpamSieve, redownloading the app and starting again from scratch, keeping only my saved Corpus.

What do you think? Thanks.

Which update? Which version of macOS?

Deleting the app and redownloading it isn’t going to change anything. If you think the problem is obsolete/extraneous rules and scripts you could start by removing those.

Latest of both. MacBook Pro 2018.

I mean, which update was associated with the problems? And which version had you been using prior to that update?

Well, I’m using 3.03 now and had been keeping it up to date before that.

Note that I am using the drone system so that I can move spam items to the “Train Spam” or “Train Good” folders on my iPad and have them processed by the Mac SpamSieve program.

Let me make clear that 3.03 worked fine. I just have not been able to implement the features that allow you to:

  1. Catch items in the Junk mailbox that were sent there by the Apple Mail server-side junk filer and pass them back to SpamSieve for evaluation.

  2. Assign items previously found as, or trained as, spam – and presumably on the blocklist – directly to Trash (and marking them as Read).

send items trained as spam directly to Trash

OK, it sounds like none of this is related to either a macOS or SpamSieve update.

Did you set up the rescue rule?

This sounds like at least three different issues. Which one(s) are not working?

  1. Is it creating blocklist rules when you train messages as spam?

  2. Have you enabled Move it to the Trash if the spam score is at least? If the messages in question are not going to Trash, where are they going? Are they getting a score of 99 in the Log window window? Have you specified in the rescue script that you want the blue messages moved to Trash?

  3. The setting for marking as read is not specific to the blocklist. It applies to all incoming spam messages:

The setting for that is at the top of the window here: