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Start over with Spamsieve on Mac

Hello fellow Spamsievers.

Is there any written procedure on how to get back to scratch with setting up Spamsieve rules on a Mac running Yosemite?

I would really appreciate this, since I’m experiencing too many conflicts. E.g. nothing is sent to my “Inbox”. All good emails ends up in “All Emails”. “Junk” is filled mostly with junkmails, but also with commercials, which should end up in “Commercial”.

Or does anyone have a good way of setting up:

  1. Good emails in Inbox
  2. Junk emails in Junk
  3. Commercial emails in Commercial

Thanks in advance

Which mail program are you using?

By “All Emails” do you mean Gmail’s “All Mail” mailbox?

I’m using Apple’s Mail program. I will send you a picture later

When receiving new good mails, they don’t necessarily go to Inbox (Indbakke in Danish on picture). In All Emails (Alle e-mails in Danish on picture) they will show.

For instance, they mail shown in All e-mails reading “Søren - Jesper” need to go in Inbox but is only found in All Emails.

What to do…?

Skærmbillede 2015-03-24 kl. 10.24.12.jpg

Skærmbillede 2015-03-24 kl. 10.24.31.png

I’m not sure about the names in Danish. In English, the icon that you have for “Alle e-mails” is what Apple Mail calls the Archive mailbox. New messages should never arrive in this mailbox; they only go there when you tell Mail or Gmail to archive them.

“Alle e-mails” sounds to me like “All Mail,” which is a special Gmail mailbox that stores a copy of every message. So it is normal to see messages there that are also in the inbox. Gmail puts these copies in “All Mail” automatically. The messages are not processed by Mail rules or SpamSieve at all. Because this can be very confusing, I recommend going into Gmail’s settings and telling it no to show the “All Mail” mailbox to IMAP clients.