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Startup of Mac Mail delayed

After updating SpamSieve to 2.4.49 (M1 Macbook Air) the initial start of Mail takes approx. 20-40 seconds, Spamsieve & mail is not responding during this period. After that it works, until I exit mail and restart, same behavior.

A slow launch of Mail is usually caused by a Mail/macOS issue where the file system is bogged down and Mail waits a long time for it before it begins loading its plug-ins. To work around this:

  1. Go to the Rules tab of Mail’s Preferences and uncheck the SpamSieve rule.
  2. Go to the General tab of Mail’s Preferences and click on Manage Plug-ins…. Uncheck SpamSieve.mailbundle and restart Mail.
  3. Go back to Manage Plug-ins… and check SpamSieve.mailbundle. Now restart Mail again.
  4. Go to the Rules tab of Mail’s Preferences and check the SpamSieve rule to make it active again.

Thank you for the quick reply, I tried:

1 (uncheck Rule) - ok
2 (Uncheck Plugin) - mail window (Settings, general) disappeared immediately, still in taskbar “not responding”, did wait a minute, killed mail then.
3 (restart and reactivate) - Restart again quick, reactivated plugin, restart takes 40 secs again.
4 I did not bother to try.

What I recognized Starting Mail w/o plugin active, jumping starts immediately, starting with active plugin just one jump in taskbar, then I have to wait.

Unfortunately no progress - any other ideas?

It sounds like there’s either a Mail bug or something wrong with Mail’s files on your Mac if it gets stuck when disabling a plug-in. I would try resetting its plug-ins folder.

Wow, thanks for this - after resetting the plugin-folder works smooth again - What a support!!! :grinning: :ok_hand:

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It’s always good to start with the basics with any tech problem, so if your Mail app is running slow, you can always double-check your internet connection to make sure that you have a good signal and aren’t experiencing issues within the app itself.