Statistics Not Working but SpamSieve is

Hello, I’ve been using SpamSieve for a while now and love it. Does a great job at filtering my email. Lately I’ve noticed the Statistics aren’t working. Attached is a screen shot that shows current statistics from yesterday at 15:45 CST. It shows 48 Good and 1 Spam but my Inbox as 33 New messages and Junk has 30 thus SS is working which is great but why aren’t the stats? I’d love to fix the stats but don’t want to break SS in the process as it’s working fine.

Any ideas?

The messages with brown text were either caught by a server junk filter (before they got to your Mac) or by Apple Mail’s junk filter, not SpamSieve. So it is normal for them not to appear in the statistics. The ones caught by SpamSieve would have a colored background like this:

and appear as Predicted: Spam in the log.

Thanks for the answer Michael. All I know is before SpamSieve all these would end up in my inbox…when I first setup spamSieve I had a lot of Spam in my inbox and I hardly have any in there any longer.



Messages caught by SpamSieve could appear with brown text on a white background if you have multiple Macs running SpamSieve and they were caught by a different Mac.

It could also be that your server filtering changed. I also recommend checking that Mail’s junk filter is off (Step 6).