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Statistics Window - How to Display

I’m running SpamSieve on Mac OS Catalina with Apple Mail. After installing SpamSieve displays a Statistics window until you start “training” it. Now when I launch Apple Mail the Statistics(Corpus?) window is no longer displayed. Reading the user manual it states that one can enable this window via the Filter menu but I’m unable to find that. Would appreciate it if anyone could help me as to how to enable the Statistics window every time I launch Mail.

You can open the Statistics window by choosing Show Statistics from the Filter menu. It can also be opened via AppleScript. Currently, you would need to do this each time you launch SpamSieve; it does not remember which windows were open when you quit (although that’s a possibility for a future version).

Statistics Menu : Reply
Thanks Michael. I’m still unable to location the Filters Menu. However I did discover that if I right Click on the SpamSieve icon in the Mac OS dock that I can launch the Statistics Window. Have to do that each time I boot my Mac but that still works for me.

If you click on the SpamSieve Dock icon, you should then see all the SpamSieve menus at the top of the screen.