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Still getting junk mail bypassing SpamSieve

Hello Michael,

The program is working fine except for a single glitch: one of my hotmail accounts that i read in Apple mail (Yosemite 10.10.5) still gets junk mail on a daily basis. My other three email accounts behave as expected. Junk mail is turned off in Apple mail. please advise.



Do you mean in the Junk mailbox or in the inbox?

Junk mail box - but only one

OK, that doesn’t relate to SpamSieve per-se. It’s normal for a server junk filter to take mail out of the inbox before SpamSieve sees them. Since these messages are not SpamSieve mistakes, you should not train them as spam. If you don’t like the messages going to the Junk mailbox, you could turn off Hotmail’s junk filter or see the other options here.

Yes, that solved the problem. Thanks for the great support.