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Still have 30 second spinning beach ball when training spam

Sys 11.5.2 Have had this issue for probably a year now, even with system and SpamSieve updates. I’ve discussed this before here.
Junk/Spam folder and Rules (separate for each mail account) are now configured to use the new “All Junk” (server) folder.
I still get that 30 second or so spinning ball when I train a message as spam before it takes and I can resume any mail functions. Spam is going into the new Junk folder properly, just annoying to have mail locked up for that time training each message.

It looks like we discussed this before, and I asked you to record a sample from Mail during the beach ball, but I never received that from you. So please do that and also use the Save Diagnostic Report command in the Help menu and send me the report file, as described here.

I thought we did this a couple times before. Hope this shows it.

Sample of SpamSieve.txt (130 KB)

Thanks, however this is a sample of the SpamSieve app. Please record a sample of the Mail app during the hang.

Yes, because I followed your linked instructions. I’ll revisit tomorrow when more spam hits.

I sampled twice during the hang. Hopefully this shows

Sample of Mail-2.txt (187 KB)

Sample of Mail.txt (183 KB)

Thanks. It looks like the slowness is because you have some debug logging enabled. You can turn it off by clicking this link.

That worked, thanks!

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