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still indicating junk mail


When I remove an email from my spam folder and mark it as good, your software moves it to my inbox. Even though I have my junk filter turned off, when I open it in Apple mail it is telling me it detected it as junk and i have to check not junk on top of the message.

One other question: What is the red number on top of the spamsieve icon in my dock indicate?


Which version of Mac OS X are you using? There are some cases where SpamSieve does not update the junk status in Mail, either to work around a Mail bug that causes a hang or because you’ve changed the AppleMailChangeJunkStatus setting.

Please see this page.

Yosemite 10.10.5

Please click this link to ensure that the training command tries to change the junk status. Also, an upcoming beta version should make this work more consistently on Yosemite.

will beta versions be available to all users?

Yes, please see this page. I expect this to be in b4.

This is addressed in SpamSieve 2.9.25.