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Still problems with Mail

I just upgraded and SpamSieve is still disabling its plugin and launch of Mail.

Not sure why, I was led to believe this bug had been fixed.

It is not just that I have to go and activate the puffin it is the spam that floods in while I am distracted by something I should not have to do, activate a software plugin. 44 Spam messages arrived in that time.

You need to look at this as an urgent issue.


There was never a bug with SpamSieve disabling its plug-in. It is normal for the plug-in to be disabled after an update. This is a change that Apple made for all Mail plug-ins starting with macOS 10.14. (I agree that it is an unfortunate user experience.)

This is why SpamSieve reminds you to re-enable the plug-in right after the update. If you have a suggestion for what it should do differently, please let me know.

If spam messages arrive in the inbox while the plug-in is disabled, you can still have SpamSieve filter them later. Just select the messages and choose Message ‣ Apply Rules.

I see the behaviour with an update of SpamSieve and after an OS restart as well.

After an OS restart I now know I have to go into Mail Prefs to make sure the plugin is enabled and the rule for moving the Spam email is also active.

Using SpamSieve to filter Spam messages that have arrived while the plugin is not active later is pointless. It is faster for me to troll through my inbox and delete them manually.


Plug-ins should stay enabled when you restart your Mac. If not, there may be an issue with your macOS installation. Are you booting your Mac from its internal drive? Is your home folder stored on the internal drive? The next time this happens (i.e. you reboot and the plug-in is not enabled), please launch SpamSieve and save a diagnostic report.

I think this particular customer’s issue was already resolved, but if anyone else finds this thread, please see the updated troubleshooting information in the Enabling and Updating the Apple Mail Plug-In section of the manual.