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Stopping Duplicate Files on Import?

I recently had my HDD fail. What a disaster*. Needless to say I am dealing with some (minor) data loss and importing some recovered files…

When I import files from my desktop to a folder within EF is there a way to have EF recognize a duplicate file and ask me how I want to proceed?
In the native Finder it asks me if I want to: STOP / REPLACE / KEEP BOTH when it detects me trying to put a duplicate file into a folder.

It would save me a ton of time as I have a several hundred files I have to import and am not sure of duplicates and item by item will be a nightmare and very time consuming.

  • My clone was about 10 days old and all data was backed up to both Time Machine and the cloud - yeah!

There is no built-in way to have EagleFiler ask you. You could uncheck Allow duplicate files in library; then EagleFiler would skip importing the duplicates (and tell you which ones it skipped). Another option would be to import everything and then use the Remove Duplicate Files script afterwards; it moves the duplicates to the trash but could be modified to ask you first for each file.