Straight to Trash?

First, thanks for the help. I know I am missing something; I just can’t figure out what?

OSX Ventura fully updated; SpamSieve fully update.

All email on Icloud. Two Junk folders one with the X; one without.

I want to send every email message straight to trash. Right now Junk will go to the inbox Junk(X) folder or Junk.

Who it goes to either junk and train as spam it goes to junk folder; then I have delete it and it sends it to trash; then I need to delete it.

Suggestions to what I am missing.

To change where automatically caught spam messages go, edit the action in the SpamSieve rule in Mail’s settings.

To change where manually trained spam messages go, you can use the Change Settings command.

Please note that you are still responsible for correcting the mistakes, even if the messages are going to the trash.

Thanks for the help. It works great.

Love the software.