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Strange behavior: marking message as spam stays in inbox

Twice today an obvious (to me) spam message appeared in my inbox. I marked it “train as spam” but it wouldn’t leave. I tried repeatedly but nothing. I then deleted it and it went into the trash mailbox. I was suspicious so I went to the trash folder, found it and tried to delete it. On the first try it wouldn’t delete from the trash. Only on the second try did it delete. I looked in the SpamSieve log and found a message that I think was the last one and it was marked as good and added to the white list. I can’t swear it was the same message, but the from address was definitely not known to me. Any thoughts as how this could be? Hopefully this isn’t some kind of persistent malware laden thing.

Did the message change color when you trained it?

Given that you also had problems with simple deletion (which doesn’t involve SpamSieve), my guess is that your Mail database needs to be rebuilt.

That’s normal for messages that SpamSieve thought were good. Please see Spammy Whitelist Rules.

I’ll try rebuilding my mail database. I was afraid that some new kind of malware was messing with me. Not unlike the web page popups that refuse to close. We’ll see what happens.

This doesn’t sound like malware to me.